Eyes carry all the meanings of our feelings and are the most striking points in our face while we are communicating with people. They are the secret forces of women to leave a better impression and that’s why we have to emphasize our eyes in the best way. We have to choose the best colors to avoid masking the beauty of our eyes with wrong colors or hyperbolic make-up..

Women with blue eyes
It will be a good choice to use an orange shade for expressing the beauty of the blue eyes. You can define the shape of your eyes by lining them with a brown eye pencil. The most suitable eyeshadow colors for blue eyes are the coral shades. Apply the eyeshadow on your eyelid, to give a deep look apply it especially on the eye line. The dark grey shades give a mystical effect to the blue eyes.

Women with green eyes
If you have green eyes you can use red shades to strengthen your gaze. Pinky or lavender colors are the best shades for the green eyes. You can also express them with an attractive make-up by using the yellowish light copper shades as a thin line or in the shading of your eye make-up.

Women with brown eyes
The most effective way to express the brown eyes for an attractive gaze is to use blue eyeshadow colors. If you choose a shining blue shade, you can use dark brown eyeliner and a light shade of blue. If you would like to have natural look make-up you can prefer khaki or brown shades.

Women with hazel eyes
Brown shades are the most suitable colors for emphasizing hazel eyes to express the natural beauty of them. If you use different brown shades in the base of eye make-up and for shading it, you will reach an amazing make-up.

The lipstick is the first thing that we remember while talking about lip make-up. They are indispensable in the make-up to define the excellent charm of the women with various color alternatives. The lipstick is the master of your attractive beauty whether you use a natural color or a strong red one.

It is hard to choose the true lipstick color in the wide range of color alternatives. A wrong lipstick color can obscure the beauty of your make-up.

Thin Lips
If you want a plumper appearance on your lips, apply the lip pencil outside of your lip line. Choose a light shade and apply it from center of the lip to the corners, color your lips with a light color lipstick which give the lips a plumped appearance. You can choose shiny pink or peach shades.

Plump Lips
Apply few foundation around your lips, do not prefer shiny or strong shades. Line your lips inner than your lip line. Choose a lip pencil color that matches your lipstick shade. You can choose dark lipstick colors for a thinner appearance.

Tanned Face
Do not prefer purple or lilac shades. Lipsticks in honey or caramel shades give an excellent appearance on tanned face.

Create Your Own Color
You can create you own color by mixing different lipstick colors. We propose you to mix dark colors with gold ones.

The first stage of a smooth appearance is the skin make-up. A qualified foundation which matches your skin color, gives smoothness to the skin and this is the base and the first stage of the make-up.

To choose the right foundation is one of the most important issues in the make-up for a smooth skin and a successful make-up. The texture and the color of the foundation should be suitable to the skin type and the skin color, it will be better to use a lighter shade than your skin. Also you can distinguish your make- up with the little details for an excellent appearance. 

Use your fingertips for all the foundations except the compact foundation. The warmth of your fingertips increases the liquidity of the foundation, so it will be easy to apply, natural and long lasting

Apply foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Begin by applying a small amount of foundation then increase amount if you need. If you use more foundation at the beginning, it will be hard to spread and also may seem as a mask. 

Spread the foundation with little strokes of your fingertips beginning from center to the hairline; continue spreading over jaw line, neck and the ears. To give the same color all over the face, apply few foundation on the eyelid and below the eye. For a professional impression, apply a wet sponge starting from center to your natural hairline after you finish application of the foundation.

It is better to wait for a while to fix the foundation before other applications.

Eyes are the most eye-catching point of the face. You can make a better impression with choosing harmonious colors.

You can make an attractive make-up with a qualified eyeshadow which has various color alternatives for a glamorous gaze. Also you can create a fabulous shiny look by using glittering eyeshadows.

To make an attractive, brilliant eye make-up; the first step is to know which colors look good on which skin color and to apply the make-up accordingly.

If you have a light skin color, you can use almost all eyeshadow colors. Especially caramel, gold and orange colors are ideal colors for your make-up. Medium colored skins can use caramel, grey or lilac shades. Dark colored skins can use any color and also the dark shades.

It is not sufficient to choose right color, also very important to know how to apply the eye make-up for an excellent make-up.

The shading should be done from light color to dark one while you are using different eyeshadow colors.

Apply the dark shade along your lash line through the corners of the eye. Apply the darkest shade at the finish line of eyelid to give a deep gaze.

For a natural appearance you can choose light colors in you eye make-up. You should use an eyeshadow even while you are making a natural make-up to give a shining effect on your face. You can choose light pink or peach shades of a natural but fresh make-up.

If you have problem like clumping of eyeshadow on your eyelids, use eye eyeshadows that has intense color pigments or pearly eyeshadows, which doesn’t clump on the eyelid.

Mascara… the most important, complementary and final point of the eye make-up.

The more you care your lashes, the better and meaningful make-up you have. The make-up artists who know how important mascara is for the eye make-up, offers you to use even only mascara if you will make-up with only one product.

If you do not have any time for make-up, just use few layers of mascara, even this will change your gaze and give you a fresh appearance.

Even it seems very easy to use, there are some important details while using mascara. Especially, using to much mascara will lead lashes to seem clumped, hard and deformed and it will also increase the possibility of smudging. The clumped lashes never seem longer, thicker and nice but seem deformed.

Also be careful about not to leave to much mascara on the mascara brush. Hold the mascara straight and apply the mascara with the horizontal movements. Do not blink the eyes before the mascara dries. Brush the lashes with a clean mascara brush or eyelash comb before they are dry. Clean your mascara every night; otherwise you can not apply mascara the next day.

Black and brown are the most common used mascara colors. Blue, green or purple mascaras will be so nice when they are applied on tip of lash after black or brown mascara. If you would like to use colored mascara you should choose a color compatible with your clothes or your eye color.

Whether the dark blue mascara seems nice on the eyes of women who have light or medium skin color, to give a shiny effect to your eyes and to highlight the eye make-up, you should prefer black mascara regardless the eye color you have.

If you want to highlight the color of your eyes and use different colors in your make-up, you can choose green or red mascara if you have green eyes, blue or brown mascara if you have blue or grey eyes, blue, green or brown mascara if you have brown eyes.

Even an eye pencil is enough to highlight and give a charming look to your eyes if you use it correctly.

You can cover the abnormalities of the eyes, you can highlight or show them bigger by using eye pencil. The main aim to use eye pencil is to give a deep gaze and to highlight the eyes. You should be careful about few points while you are applying it.

The main point is the line shouldn’t fluctuate. A very thin line should be applied on the lash line should at first, so you can remove it easily if the line fluctuates or if you draw a wrong line. If you like the line you draw, you can apply once more to define it. It is very important to start the line from inner corner of the eye, continue to draw a smooth line following your lash line.

A very thin line should be applied on the lash line.

Which Color Eye Pencil
Together with the improvements in the cosmetics sector, there is no limit in the color range. Blue, grey, green, pink, white or even yellow. It is possible to use an eye pencil compatible with eye color, skin color or your clothes. The colors are limited only with the points you want to highlight. You can have wider eyes with light blue or white or you can have more attractive gaze with a green eye pencil.

Of course it is not possible to omit the indispensability of the black. Black eye pencil is ideal for women with black or dark hair. Women with brown hair and light skin can choose brown or grey shades to have a less defined make-up.

For a soft impression, smudge the line with your finger or with a cotton bud after application of black eyeliner. This will also give mystical and attractive look to your eye make-up.

The Wrong Applications
There shouldn’t be any space between the line and your lashes and the eye pencil line should end at the end of the lash line. The line shouldn’t be extended through the out corner of the eye and shouldn’t be more distinctive than the eye make-up.

If the eyes are small or close to each other, the line shouldn’t be thick. If the eye shadow will be applied as a line rather than an eye pencil, you should choose the correct brush and also the line shouldn’t be inflated.

Powder is indispensable in the make-up. For a perfect make-up, you should use a powder on your foundation.

Gives your face a velvety finish while maintains the moisture of the skin. It is an indispensable product for the women with oily skin, helps to remove excess oil and shine without disturbing your make-up, and covers the disharmony of the skin color.

There are two types of powders: Loose powders are very fine light textured powders. Gives a natural, transparent and matt effect after foundation. Compact powders more common because of the easiness of carrying and application. They are ideal to fix and touch up the make-up.

Powders lay the groundwork for a better application of other make-up products. Fixes the foundation and Gives matt effect to the skin. You should be careful about choosing a powder color close to your foundation. Big color differences can lead a bad appearance on your face.

You can give a fresh and colored skin make-up with a bronze or shinier powder. If it is not easy to choose a powder color close to your skin, you can choose a transparent powder.

For a natural look, you should use the powder with a brush with soft strokes. If you will use the powder with brush, the brush should be long, thick and soft for a better application.

This will help you to spread the powder over your face and neck smoothly. Apply the powder with brush brush with quick vertical and horizontal movements.

Press the powder on your skin by using a sponge of puff to cover the imperfections. The puff provides a soft blending of foundation, concealer and powder, this will help to have a flawless matt appearance rather than a powdery look.

It is certain that make-up has some details, but first of all you should identify yourself finding best make-up for you. Your hair color, eye color or your skin color has an important role for determination of make-up products you should prefer. Sometimes, a color that you like in a make-up product may not leave the impression you want when you apply on your face. It is because you didn’t prefer a color that is compatible with your skin color. Therefore, color that you choose in make-up products should be the color that fits best your skin color and best-looking color when you apply on your face, not your most favorite color. So, different skin groups should prefer different colors.

Foundation: You should especially choose light and yellow tones. This color will fit to your skin color and establish the base for having the appearance that you want.
Cheeks:People that have blond or blond-tone hair should definitely use light color blush-on even they are not natural blonde. Light pink or peach colors are the best alternatives for you especially in the summer days.
Eyes: While you use light colors in foundation and blush-on, you may use dark colors such as dark blue, lavender or green in your eye make-up. In addition, glittering eyeshadows will add brightness to your face.
Lips: Can use light shades of red close to pink, peach and light blackberry shades in your lip make-up. Especially peach or glittering light lipglosses will be best complementary alternatives in your make-up.

Foundation: Even your hair color is brown or its shades, since your skin care is light, you should also choose yellow shade foundation like blondes. Dark color foundation may lead to bad view in case it is not well applied to your skin completely… The best color is the color that integrates with your skin color when you apply and spread. 
Cheeks: Pale pink is one of the best fitting color alternatives but for a fresh appearance you can use pastel red or bronze blush-on which is trend of this summer..
Eyes: There is almost no limit for you in eye make-up, all shades from blue to green, from glittering yellow to salmon will give your eyes a great appearance.
Lips: You should choose a lipstick compatible with your blush-on. You can use similar colors with your blush-on, pale pink or peach tones lipstick, or a lipgloss compatible with your skin color will give a perfect appearance to your eye make-up. In addition, shades of red will have a fresh effect on your make-up.

Foundation: As much as skin color gets darker, need for using foundation becomes less. Dark skins should choose brown or umber shaded foundation. These shades always give wonderful results on dark skins. 
Cheeks: You should again prefer brown tones for blush-on. Amber, cinnamon and brick colors are among the colors that are most suitable for your make-up. You can also use bronze shades for blush-on.
Eyes: There is almost no limit for you in eyeshadow colors like in brown-skinned women. Almost all colors is suitable for your eye make-up. You should only take care of choosing colors that are compatible with your eye color. 
Lips: You can prefer light pink or coral shades. In addition, strawberry color will be very good choice for parties and transparent lipglosses will be good alternative for daily use. Pay attention to use a lipstick compatible with your blush-on.

The main aim of make-up is to hide imperfections while emphasizing beautiful areas of the face. Color harmony, shade and light are used together to achieve an excellent make-up.

It is enough to know some simple rules to use light and shade correctly to make perfect make-up. Light colors you apply give your face light effects and increase volume while dark colors shadow and decrease volume.

Moreover, light colors are used to enlarge the narrow areas and smooth the darkness while dark colors are preferred to narrow large areas and to show long parts shorter.

You can use contrast colors to hide imperfections and emphasize some nice points. While black decreases brightness of the color with which it is mixed, white brightens the second color. Contrast is especially used in eye make-up to remove shadow and to highlight the eye color.

If Long: Apply dark shade foundation to the tip of nose to create a shadow that helps give a shorter look to nose. Blend the dark foundation perfectly to prevent edges between shades.
If Large: Apply light shade of foundation over your nose and dark shade of foundation to nose wings. Blend the shades perfectly and complete your make-up with a powder.

If small and inward: As light colors increases volume, apply a light shade foundation on your chin. To divert attention from your chin, do not use dark and bright color of lipsticks. Make an attractive eye make-up to finish your make-up. 
If prominent: Apply dark shade of foundation on tip of your chin, blend the foundation and powder your chin to look shorter. Apply fresh colors of lipstick to highlight your lips and decrease attention on your chin. 

If close to each other: Apply a light color eyeshadow from inner corner of the eye until the middle of it. Apply a dark eyeshadow from the middle to the outer corner. Blend the colors for a perfect appearance.
If distant from each: Use one light and one dark color eyeshadow to make contrast in your eye make-up. Apply dark color from inner corner of the eye until the middle of it and apply light color of eyeshadow from the middle to the outer corner and blend the colors to prevent the edge between two colors.

You have no time but you should definitely look well-groomed. In such times, you should be careful about some details to look nice and know some tips which would refresh your face in a moment.

First moisturize your face and make it ready for make-up. Let your skin absorb the cream with circular movements. Cover the acnes, spots or blemishes with a concealer. Apply it also under your eyes and create a contrast on your face. It helps to cover the purple areas under your eyes and also emphasizes your eyes.

Apply foundation on your whole face with light strokes. You can smooth your foundation much more quickly if you use a sponge special for foundation.

You can use a blush-on to give a fresh appearance to your skin after covering all the imperfections with a concealer.

It is very easy to use a blush-on as a professional;

First smile and apply the brush slightly on your cheekbones with circular moves and continue through your temples. You can also prefer a pink blush-on with brown shades for a quick make-up. These colors will have a natural and fresh effect on the skin.

lipgloss will be enough for your lips. If you have plump lips and if you don’t want to emphasize them, you can use a matt and light pink shade. If you have thin lips, a lipgloss will be a good choice for you.

To emphasize your eyes, you can complete your make-up with mascara, which the make-up specialists think it can be enough even when it is used alone. You can have a perfect look in a short time with these tips.

The purpose of make-up is to hide the imperfections of the face and highlight your beauty. But, you may have unpleasant results because of mistakes in the application.

Everyone can make a good make-up but the result will be more impressive if you know the tips. You can have a better look and obtain better results if you are aware of the common mistakes and their solutions.

The lip pencil, which is used to show thin lips look plumper, produces a very bad result due to wrong application. Since the lipstick is erased faster than the lip pencil, it is easily noticed that the lips are lined and they loose the attractiveness. Therefore, the color of your lip pencil should have the same shade with your lipstick.

To apply the lip pencil correctly, you should first start from the left corner, line through the center of the lip and do the same starting from the right corner also. Apply same for your lower lip. Then apply the lip pencil on all over your lips. In this way, your lipstick and lip pencil will be erased slowly.

Eyeliner is the make-up product which you should be more careful while applying. It is necessary that the line be smooth and has a proper thickness for a good eye make-up. If it is applied thick, it causes the eyes to look smaller. If there are any fluctuations in the line, it distorts the shapes of the eyes. If you apply the eyeliner to only the upper eye lash line, this will also give a bigger look to your eyes.

Another important subject is to apply the eyeliner as a straight, smooth line starting from center of your eye and follow the lash line. Use a black eye pencil rather than eyeliner. Do not press the eye pencil too much and soften the line with a cotton bud. This will give you a mystical gaze. 

The most common mistake while applying blush-on is the wrong choice of brush. The hair of the brush should not be stubby. You should smile and apply it lightly in circular moves on your cheekbones and then you should apply it slowly from the lower part of the cheekbones to the temples.

The excess blush-on at the brush of should never be removed by blowing. Instead, the excess part should be removed by hitting the brush handle to the index finger.

The most common mistake while applying the foundation is the wrong choice of the color. Usually the colors darker than the skin color are preferred and it unfortunately causes color differences on the face. Another common mistake is testing of the color of the foundation on the wrist instead of face.

The most suitable shade for your skin is the one which integrates with your skin color when applied. So you should first test the foundation on your face to make your decision. You can also ask for help of the professionals at the shops.

The eyebrows which give a certain expression to your face help us to have a young, serious or smiling face with certain forms of shape and they give a clue about our personality. 

Personal traits can be followed when the mouths, noses, chins, foreheads and lip structures of people are studied collectively through a method known as the art of “Face Reading”. The people who have very close eyebrows are known to be insincere. As the distance between the eyebrows grows, it is more likely that person has an honest and open character. The people who have soft curved eyebrows have a soft and artistic nature. Those who have eyebrows with curves bended upwards do usually have a weak character and they usually display ambivalent attitudes. 

The eyebrows which do not have any curves and which are close to the eyes are usually considered as the strong-minded and the strong character. The unkempt eyebrows are the indicators of the unsteady mood. Such people areintelligent and they influence others with their intelligence. 

You can determine the shape of the best eyebrow for yourself if you are not satisfied with your look. It is not difficult for you to tweeze and give shape to your eyebrows and create well defined and well-groomed eyebrows which seem like shaped by a professional.

Fixing your eyebrows
Hold a pencil vertically along the side of your nose. Your eyebrows should start in the same line with the nose wings where the pencil is placed. Angle the pencil from the outside edge of your nose to your temple to determine where your brow should end.

Eyebrow arch
The two third of the eyebrow from the nose should be upwards and the remaining one third should be downwards.

Tweezing your eyebrow
Firstly you should determinate the area you are going to tweeze. Tweeze your eyebrows at the same direction they come out.

The main subject is that you should give your both eyebrows the same shape and proportion. Brush your eyebrows upwards with the eyebrow brush before you tweeze them. You will notice that the eyebrows closer to your nose are longer. Cut the tips of the long eyebrows with the scissors. Tweeze your eyebrows according to the shape you have determined.

Filling in the gaps
If there are any gaps due to wrong or extra tweezing, brush it downwards. Then you will be able to determine the gaps, fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencil that fits the color of your eyebrows, in very thin lines. Brush your eyebrows upwards when filling is finished.

Clues about the eyebrows and personality:
– Straight eyebrows: self-indulgent
– Eyebrows bending downwards; intolerant, obsessed
– Short eyebrows: calm
– Thick black eyebrows: honest, humble
– Eyebrows joining over the nose: stingy, quick – tempered
– Crescent shaped eyebrows close to the eyes: crabbed, independent
– Curved high eyebrows: full of life and energy

It is important to know some points when you make-up in order to have a perfect appearance and to save the time. Some of these points are:

When choosing the most suitable foundation for your body: 
– Take two or three foundations suitable for your skin color.
– Apply these as a line around your chin.
– Wait for drying of these lines. The foundation which disappears on your skin and which is not easy to realize the color difference with your skin is the most suitable one for you.
Secrets of applying blush on:
– Smile and apply the powder blush on the top point of your cheek.
– Apply it step by step, remove the excess blush on from the brush by hitting the brush handle to the index finger in order to prevent intensive colored view and appearance as a separate part.
– Continue to apply it towards outside of face with circular and gentle movements.
– Gently touch to your nose tip, chin and frontal with your brush for a harmonized appearance.
For brilliant nails:
– Since nail clipper causes deformation of nail tissue, use nail file to shorten your nail.
– Prevent hardening and peeling of cuticles by using moisturizer frequently. 
– Finally, apply strengthening polish before nail polish to your nails for attractive and healthy fingers.
Long Lasting Make-up:
If your make-up is smudging in a short time and does not appear as beautiful as before;
Skin: Apply anti-shine gel cream on your skin at least 10 minutes before applying your foundation.
Eyes: After applying the concealer below your eyes, apply loose powder with a puff.
Lips: Line your lips with a lip pencil same color with your lipstick, apply a moisturizer and finally use your lipstick.
Covering the imperfections:
– Clean your skin with the most suitable product with you. 
– Apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin by patting on imperfections. Continue to make this until they disappear. 
– While applying cover, overflow it surrounding of spots to cover border of spots, then blend it with your foundation and powder your skin. 
Pay attention for make-up:
Lips: Never use any lip liner of which is different color than your lipstick. 
Eyes: Avoid applying eye shadow with exaggerated colors such as blue, purple, red. Never apply same color eye shadow to all part of eyelid and lightly apply it. 
Skin: Be sure that your foundation is definitely compatible with your skin color and that it is well speraded all your face while applying. Use products of brands that you know and rely on instead of cheap products in which ingredients are not specified. 
Make-up at night:
– Since artificial light makes colors paler, use brilliant colors and apply a shining make-up. 
– Choose foundation darker than your skin and apply with a wet sponge. Be careful not to leave any color differences at the point where the face and hair line meet. 
– If your lips are thin, use light shades and shining lipsticks. Dark colors will appear more beautiful on thick lips. Choose red or eyebrown tone powder blushes.
For an impressive appearance:
Highlight your eyes: Apply white eyeliner to the inner side of eye and grey eyeliner to the down of eye lashes. Then apply two coats of mascara to your eyelashes.
Smooth your skin: Cover acnes or spots with concealer and apply suitable color of foundation to your skin and spread it over your skin.
Chins and lips: Apply bronze powder blush darker than your skin to the bottom part of jawbone. This will provide more beautiful appearance to your chin. Apply a lipstick in a color you desire and apply also concealer at the center of your lower lip.

The most important point of the make-up is the eye make-up

Tips of using eye shadow
To provide the best impression in eyes, you can use harmonious colors.

If 3 color of eyeshadow will be used; first, apply the middle shade to the entire eyelid as a base. Apply the lightest tone below the eyebrow by spreading towards inner corner of eyelid. Finally, apply the darkest tone color to the outside half of eyelid and with moves from outside part to the middle part of lower eyelashes, and eye make-up is completed…

Prevent waving while applying eyeliner
– Firstly, wait until the points causing waves are dried.
– Then, correct the waived line carefully by using use a cotton bud with a cleaning tonic.
– Finally, provide tightness on the eyelid by gently pulling from near of eyelid and apply the liner.

Perfect eyelashes
– Curl your eyelashes up with eyelash curler. Repeat this once more carefully. 
– Apply black mascara to your eyelashes and wait drying. Then separate your eyelashes with mascara brush. 
– To provide more intensive appearance, apply black eyeliner from inside to outside.
– Apply black eyeliner also along your lower eyelashes and apply mascara lightly.

How to Make-up if you use lens
– Put your lenses on before starting eye make-up 
– Use compact powders instead of loose powder.
– Do not use mascaras containing micro fibres. Use liquid eyeshadows instead of loose ones.
– Never apply liquid or pencil eyeliners inside of the eye.
– Close your eyes during application of powder blush. And select make-up materials which are oil-free and moisturizing.

When removing the eye make-up:
– Pour some cream onto 2 pieces of make-up removing cotton, and rub them (avoid using too much cream).
– Put the cottons on your eyes and wait for a while. Remove the cotton from your eyes with movements to clean the remaining make-up.
– Fold the cotton as the creamed part comes to inside and pour cleansing lotion, and clean all around your eyes.
– Clean your eyelashes with movement towards the direction you apply the mascara (from inside to up) After all these applications, definitely moisturize your sensitive eyes.

The last point of a make-up is to create full and attractive lips. The color choice is very important as it is the complementary last point of your make-up. Here are some tips for creating attractive lips.

Fuller Lips
– Moisturize your lips with intensive balm.
– By using a natural coloured lip liner, line your lips.
– Put on a lipstick having a little more blazing color and compatible with your lip liner, and spread to your lips.
– In the last step, in order to prevent smudging of the lipstick, apply a transparent powder to your lips and apply the lipstick on your lips again.

When Applying Lipstick
Showing the thin lips look full: 
 Showing the thin lips look full: If you apply some vaseline at the center of lower lip, it pulls the lips out and ensures them to look thicker.
Showing The Full Lips Look Thin:
Select the darkest shades among your lipsticks and choose a matt color.
If You’re not Satisfied With Your Upper Lip:
Line your lips with a pencil in the color of your lip. Then, apply another line to the center of your upper lip with a brown pencil. Apply a lipstick have the same shade with your lip and blend them with the brown colored line. It will show your lips look fuller.

Lip Care in Summer
The lips are second attractive part of the face that needs care after the eyes. Therefore,
– Silky and smooth look should be gained to you lips with lip peelings those have special contents.
– Then, the lips and contour should be revitalize with a moisturizer containing vitamin E.
– When you go outside, you should definitely apply a sun protecting cream under your lipstick.